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2017 / 台灣 / 錄像 30min / 裝置(依場地規劃)


一個班級在畢業之後,所有人朝著不同的領域發展,各自擁有不同的時間規劃,如何將四散各地的 一群人聚集在一起,成為了這個計畫和參與者的共同目標。 歷經興衰的紙廠,即將開放為文創園區,在處理對於未來想像的各種差異時,我們該如何協調諸如在地居⺠、政府機構、文史工作者......等,在各自的慾望投射不同時,我們怎麼一起生活在同一個地方。 這個計畫試圖用一個班級的聚集,模擬一個中興文創園區匯集當地聲音的過程,亦思考著個體的期望是否會牽動到群體的認同,嘗試在這過程裡想像一個未來的可能。 




「Zero-Dollar Manufacturing」Resident Creation Exhibition


2017 / Taiwan  / video 30min / Installation (According to site planning)

creative concept

After a class graduates, everyone develops in different fields and has different time plans. How to bring together a group of people scattered all over the world has become the common goal of this project and the participants. The paper factory that has gone through ups and downs will soon be opened as a cultural and creative park. When dealing with various differences in future imagination, how should we coordinate such as local residents, government agencies, cultural and historical workers...etc., in their respective How can we live together in the same place when our desire projections are different. This project tries to use a class gathering to simulate the process of gathering local voices in a Zhongxing Cultural and Creative Park. It also considers whether individual expectations will affect the group's identity, and tries to imagine a future possibility in this process.


The 13th Art Class of Taichung First Senior High School

Wang Yu-rong, Wu Ting-xuan, Lu Zhao-yi, Li Yun-rui, Gao Yu-Han, Zhang Cai-xuan, Chen Wei-wen, Huang Lu Yu-ling, Liao Jie-chen, Shen Bo-yang, Lin Jun-wei, Zeng Wei-xiang, Liu Cheng-jie, Xie Cheng-lin

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