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Design Concept 

In the past, Huashan Terminal, which is close to Taipei Station, served as a transport node to transfer some political victims to Green Island. From the perspective of a state, perhaps at a certain moment, these people became merely bodies and were no longer treated as human beings. Like commodities, they lost freedom of choice and were compelled to go to their destinations.


With the concept of "transportation," this work draws a map of unjust sites of White Terror by marking the previous and next stops of each uniust site so as to create a route that people today have never experienced. With historical archives, this work intends to present present diverse identities of victims and perpetrators as well as the traces of their moves. In observing the process of arrest, investigation, trial, execution, and release, we reconsider how we should read and understand people who returned to society and those who had been excluded from society.


Combined with current bus routes, stop indicators are to be set on the bus stops which are the nearest to unjust sites or on the bus stops where people can see unjust sites when waiting for the bus: People can see the name of the next stops as well as the name of the destinations where a group of people in the past were forced to arrive. When people are getting on the bus, they can imagine a physical experience which is synchronic with the past. When they are heading towards the future with freedom, they can also look back and recognize their own positions in the history.

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