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About Mei Ji-Min:Contrast (The One Who Vomit Words、Housecleaning)


VideoLin Tzu-Ning、 Lee Chia-Hung


Mei Ji-Min, a political victim of the White Terror and an author, relied on writing nostalgic literature featuring China’s freezing Northeastern region to pass his time in imprisonment on the scorching southern island. After he was released, he entrusted his manuscripts to publishers and received tremendous feedback with his works, which reflected the diasporic state of mind shared by many Chinese mainlanders in Taiwan. This work comprised two mutually referencing videos. One video featured the life of Mei Ji-Min, and the other was based on his literary works; therefore, the two videos supplemented each other and multifacetedly explored Mei’s identity in its real and fictional manifestations. The videos were filmed on Green Island, and focused on how Mei’s life and his works connected with the island as well as the contrasting yet codependent relationship stemming from the disparities between the geographical locations of his body and where his spirit longed for.

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