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本件作品與茉莉、王芃、莊鎮陽、巧永吉共同工作、分娩完成,概念取自『驚營』政治犯在獄中所經歷到的神秘情境。梅濟民晚年撰寫於綠島的自傳型小說《火燒島風情系列4 荒島幽秘》關於『驚營』的描述「 突然有一個恐怖怪異的吼聲,就像發自夢中,震撼了整個監房,使恐怖就像電流一樣,傳遍每一個人的感覺,霎時全監房幾百人都在恐怖中驚懼的呼吼起來。在高山的靜夜裡,就像一陣無比悠長恐怖的大合唱,直到四周碉堡響起驚天動地的機關槍聲,才震懾住這集體驚魂的吼聲。」作品從『驚營』的情境發想,透過和四位參與者的溝通、協作,在四次的工作坊中分娩出各自的文本,最後集結所有參與者演出。

Being on Edge


Lin Tzu-Ning ,Lee Chia-Hung 

This work was co-labored with and co-birthed by four participants, and drew inspiration from a mysterious situation known as “battalion scream,” a mass hysteria experienced by political prisoners during imprisonment. In the autobiographical novel written during his silver years on Green Island, Fiery Island Series IV: Mysteries of the Desolate Island, Mei Ji-Min portrayed “battalion scream” and wrote, “Suddenly a horrifying, strange cry, seemingly sounded from a dream, shook the entire prison. Fear like electricity pervaded everyone. After a short while, hundreds of people in the prison began to scream in terror. In the quiet night on the mountain, it became a lasting, scary ensemble. I was only until shocking sounds of machine guns from the surrounding bunkers were heard that the collective horrible scream was halted.”

參展   Exhibit

2021  綠島人權藝術季 「假如綠島是一面鏡子」 綠島,台灣

Green Island Art Festival 「 Through the Reflection of Green Island 」 Green Island,Taiwan

2022  《高雄獎》  高雄,台灣

《Kaohsiung Award》,Kaohsiung,Taiwan

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